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Promote the use of MOTOTRBO digital radio products

2017-03-11 19:53:20
Introduction In wireless intercom communications applications, the user needs is a complete set of technical solutions to solve communication problems, and can program the device on the market with a full range of accessories and upgrades can extend the program. MOTOTRBOTM conventional digital communication systems, including handheld Taiwan, automotive Taiwan, Taiwan relay, accessories and application software, provides users with infinite selectivity and scalability. With summary

Wireless intercom communications applications, the user needs is a complete set of technical solutions to solve communication problems, and can program the device on the market with a full range of accessories and upgrades can extend the program. MOTOTRBOTM conventional digital communication systems, including handheld Taiwan, automotive Taiwan, Taiwan relay, accessories and application software, provides users with infinite selectivity and scalability.


With the advancement of technology and communication technology, wireless communication technology is constantly updated. In 2007 MOTOROLA company in China launched the first MOTOTRBO digital intercom system products, this is a revolutionary change in the conventional walkie-talkie communications. Digital intercom system works in digital form, as well as the confidentiality of voice quality and other aspects greatly improved, while the digital intercom system realizes many analog systems can not be achieved features that will fully meet the user's communication demand. MOTOTRBO digital intercom system products represent the development direction of the wireless intercom technology - from analog technology to digital technology. Since a great part of this stage Chinese markets using analog intercom systems, promotion phase digital intercom system is relatively difficult, but digital intercom products into its unique advantages in the field of wireless intercom. Through MOTOTRBO digital conventional intercom system, a product application case in the Chinese market, introduces the unique advantages of MOTOTRBO digital intercom system products.


1.1 Case Background:

Guesthouse located in Jiangxi Nanchang Honggutan a total range of about 2337 acres of land. A 1680 acres of land planning control, namely the building of Guesthouse reception area, business reception area two regions. Guesthouse reception area covers an area of 388 acres, covers an area of 555 acres of business reception, 737 acres of green area. The project faces south, the east side of the lake, the lake has a long coastline, Wolong Mountain Forest Park in close proximity, the beautiful natural environment, close to the city's main thoroughfares - Academy Boulevard, convenient transportation. Project implementation of government-led, market-oriented operation. The hotel is positioned as a five-star garden hotel provides hospitality services to the Jiangxi Provincial Government, and market-oriented operation.

1.2 User needs analysis:

The hotel as Jiangxi provincial government reception centers often host foreign leaders as well as the relevant important visitors, intercom communications reliability, confidentiality and coverage is one of the key factors in the selection of the user. Secondly, it must be equipped with high-capacity battery and durable, to avoid lack of electricity caused by interrupted communications. VIP reception in the process, the communication is not necessary on some occasions everyone to hear, such as leadership to assign a task to a person designated, and inconvenient to let other people hear, you must use a single call to achieve this requirement. Hotel Ambassador area and the hotel is divided into zones, Ambassador hotel zone area and a total of 10 villa-style buildings, and two regional building is relatively fragmented, intercom signal to cover Each building. Because there is a certain distance between the houses are, in order to achieve a wide range of signal coverage, you need to choose a safe, reliable, high coverage, low-cost and cost-effective wireless coverage system. The hotel has a plurality of separate departments use the hotel security department, hotel housekeeping, etc., each department should have its own communication channels, so that system users need to have four independent channels available. The system must work properly, you need to keep monitoring the health of the system. In special cases, the user can modify the settings of the base station, according to need to set the working mode of each base station.

1.3 Equipment Design and Selection:

For the user's communication needs, using MOTOTRBO digital conventional communication system as a solution. MOTOTRBO digital conventional communication system is introduced MOTOROLA include handheld Taiwan, automotive Taiwan, Taiwan relay and software applications, including wireless communication system, the system uses IP switching technology, full use of existing data network as the link, and flexible the formation of cross-regional interconnection of wireless communications command system network.

1.3.1 digital radio has a high security

For users of the requirements of confidentiality, MOTOROLA digital radio is the most reliable choice. Having sixteen million digital radio call sign and all of them call group, only at the same frequency, call sign right circumstances can call on. Which can prevent a general scanning devices to eavesdrop, even listen to some of the figures is noise.

1.3.2 digital radio power

Power is a big advantage MOTOROLA digital radio, since the double-timing characteristics of digital radio can save 40% of the battery power, thus extending the working hours of walkie-talkie, to meet customer demand for battery capacity.

1.3.3 Digital Repeater IP network

Digital repeaters can interconnect IP plurality of base stations, communication via the Internet in any corner. Since the distance between the buildings at each site is relatively large, the use of analog intercom systems is its very large cables,
high cost. Digital relay station IP network user may be able to save a lot of cable, convenient device commissioning, and cost savings. Software can monitor the health of IP interconnected base stations, easy setup modify the system.

1.3.4 System Upgrade Guarantee

Conventional digital wireless intercom system can implement multiple relay stations IP network, users can increase the number of relay stations according to the needs of extended households, communicate in different locations. In addition, conventional digital intercom system can be upgraded to a package of MOTOROLA digital trunking system, thereby expanding the channel capacity.
In this project, established in accordance with the requirements of coverage in each region and the Ambassador hotel zone base stations, each base station by a relay station two Xir R8200 relay station, each consisting of a base station through the respective antenna system is responsible for the laying of a range of coverage, IP base station uses two network interfaces provided by the system will interconnect the corresponding relay station, so that walkie-talkie relay station at different coverages can voice communication, to achieve the widest range of signal coverage. As digital communication system using a conventional 2-slot TDMA technology, therefore, to achieve four IP network R8200 repeater station, can provide users with four independent voice intercom channel, fully meet the user's communication needs, but also to facilitate the system expansion and upgrade. 50 sets of system configuration Xir P8200 handheld walkie-talkie all set to roaming, these walkie-talkie can roam within the coverage of the system, the relay frequency automatic identification, receive and make calls, to achieve a large coverage area.

1.3.6 Frequency Planning

In order to achieve coverage of the entire project, you need to apply two pairs 400 trillion duplex frequency. Each base station uses a frequency f1 / f2, the relay station according to 12.5KHz intervals allocated frequencies, namely a relay station Frequency:
f1 + 12.5khz / f2 + 12.5khz another relay station Frequency: f1-12.5khz / f2-12.5khz.


MOTOTRBO digital radio products and many more features to meet the needs of many users. Digital radio with waterproof function, stay at a depth of one meter thirty minutes without affecting use. Explosion-proof models, use the following satisfy the explosive environment. Models with the GPS function to monitor the specific location where the walkie-talkie, allowing users to have more information. Digital radio also supports text messaging, as a secondary means of communication. Second, digital radio product also has an extremely sound accessories to provide efficient communications solutions. In summary, MOTOTRBO digital radio series has a great advantage to adapt to the operation of the market and the needs of users,
MOTOTRBO digital radio will lead the future of wireless communications products.

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